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Whinge report

The first UK 'whinge report' was published today revealing that workers long for a 'pat on the back' in recognition of a job well done.

The research of almost 1600 managers in the UK was conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Adecco.

Managers advise bosses to:

1. Say thanks: 40% of managers feel exploited with 1 in 3 wanting to leave and work elsewhere

2. Cut the paper chase: too much unnecessary process is having a negative effect on managers

3. Remove 'old guard' managers: archaic and antiquated management styles also appear to be getting people down with 1 in 4 saying 'old school' authoritarian bosses who are still in the dark ages have no place in their company

4. Recognise I have a life: increasing workloads and ever-shortening deadlines have left 43% feeling overloaded and worryingly over half are missing important family occasions because of work commitments

5. Be clear about what you expect: managers are suffering from a lack of direction and vision from their bosses with over half saying that their boss has no better vision of the company than the tea lady!

Mary Chapman, chief executive of the CMI commented:

"Bosses need to show a sense of realism when it comes to managing the needs of their staff. Career progression and organisational productivity are closely linked to an individual's energy levels and if people are not properly motivated they will be less able to perform to their maximum ability. As a result organisational performance will suffer.

"Getting back to the 'shop floor' is another great way to understand the feelings of frontline staff. Also, remember people have a life outside of work; it is possible to do your job well without being in the office long hours. Finally, recognise good people and place a higher value on their pay and conditions."

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