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What employees can do to minimise the impact of bad bosses

Change your mindset.
Ever thought why your boss behaves the way they do? Perhaps it is because they feel outside their comfort zone and do not realise the impact their behaviour has.

Behaviour breeds behaviour.
Act with your boss the way you want them to act with you. You may be surprised by the response.

Keep a record.
Make a note of what your boss does or says which is unacceptable and how it makes you feel. Is there a pattern? Perhaps events occur when your boss is most stressed, such as just before a management meeting. Share this information with your boss; perhaps a quick drink after work on neutral ground will help you see you have more in common than you thought and help you break down the barriers you currently face.

Don't react emotionally.
Take a step back and allow time to reflect on what has just happened. What your boss says may be valid but the way they say it may be inappropriate or unacceptable. Again share the information with your boss to find alternatives.

Set up regular meetings or progress reports.
Take time to update each other on projects you are working on. Developing your relationship in these sessions will improve how you work together as a whole.

Work with your boss, not against .
You will be surprised how much doing joint work promotes rapport and helps you understand each other better. 

Confide in a colleague.
Sometimes just talking issues through with a trusted workmate can add a different perspective. Be careful not to stir up ill feeling within your team though; make sure your discussion remains confidential.

Talk to your boss's boss or a member of HR.
If nothing else works, it is time to take the next step. Plan what you want to say and talk about your boss's behaviour, not about them as a person. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.

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