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What companies can do to minimise the impact of bad bosses

Recruitment and selection.
Well-trained and skilful recruiters will assess candidates against a set of defined behavioural competencies to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation.

Get the most from training.
Be clear about the outcomes; what will the training deliver? what behaviours should change? Training teams together rather than individually will help team-building. Investing in training for first-time managers will ensure they start as they mean to go on and bad habits will be avoided.

Promote the right people.
When making your people new managers, consider whether you are doing so for all the right reasons; are they being recognised for their technical competency alone, eg they've exceeded their sales targets again, or because they have shown a consistent talent for leading and inspiring people?

Give good feedback.
Talk about what your people are doing well and what areas need more work. Be honest and constructive.

Manage by example.
Are you a good role model for your managers? Take a look at how you do things and consider whether you need further personal development.

Celebrate role models.
Identify senior managers who can act as role models for the behaviour you expect of your managers.

Promote development opportunities.
All managers will benefit from development. Combine formal, tailored management programmes and informal sessions, through a mentoring programme, for example.

Implement (or review) a set of management competencies.
These will guide the behaviours expected of a good manager and underpin how your organisation operates.

Use 360 degree or 180 degree feedback.
Extend your managers' awareness beyond their own manager/s and self-assessment. Getting feedback from other team members may add some fresh perspective.

Shift the emphasis.
It is not just what results you deliver, but how. Gear your reward and remuneration package towards results that are achieved through the required skills and behaviour. Stay focused on these and ensure you deliver consistent messages which reinforce their importance.

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