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Don Marriott

I could spend hours telling Management stories - but suffice to say that at the grand age of 68 nothing has changed much over the years. I recall in the early 60's when I became a Junior Manager, being told to decide whose side I was on when I "dared" to side with the "workers" over a production issue. In fact, because I replied that there were no sides and that we were all employed to support each other for the good of the business and its future, I found not long afterwards that I was to be made redundant!! During the late 60's and early 70's when I was an Industrial Relations Trouble Shooter for a Group of Companies, most of the issues I dealt with at Union District level were created by poor or badly trained managers. This meant that Unions could NOT TRUST the Management and created more strife than the other way round, which when I read articles about how certain politicians "Smashed the Trade Unions" it makes my blood boil! What we should have done was to introduce better methods of recruiting and training our managers and we would now be in a much stronger position as a Nation!!! I continue to advocate for "proper recruitment of management potential and development programmes", however my efforts will go unheeded until the "Boards" of businesses and Government in general are educated properly in the needs of our could be, Great Nation. Keep up the good work and if I can help in any way do not hesitate in contacting me.


Marilyn Bennett 55 

Worked in an accountancy department of large University for a period of 12 years until she recently took voluntary redundancy.  Her last boss discriminated against staff on the basis of their age and abused company policy to benefit the secretary with whom he was having an affair.  My boss she claims “was great to work for if you were young and within his select group of favourites”.  He only offerred opportunities to the younger ones and did not consider the older ones for promotions or re-grades. “Many staff within my department were overlooked for promotion despite having the relevant experience” she says.  “Over the years many really good employees left the department when it became clear that their chances of promotion were non-existent. The way he had treated made me feel worthless and my self-confidence took a battering. I certainly did not feel motivated to work as hard as I could for him, in fact I did the minimum possible towards the end. I must admit that I regularly took sickies because I could not face going in.”


Alison Marriot 31

Worked as Administration manager at small Architects firm based in the North east. Her last boss was the Managing Director. Her boss she claims “was such a difficult man who frequently lost his temper and swore a lot. He would come into an open plan office and start swearing and people started scurrying for cover. He was surrounded by yes men because everyone worked in fear of him.  He expected a lot from you but did not give much back in return, he expected you to give a lot in term of your time, but would not remunerate you accordingly.”  Alison remembers feeling really shocked when he openly demeaned the role her department played in the organisation.  “He did not feel that the admin function was important, his attitude was very much that the organisation could do without us, he was very belittling and condescending.  He could also be very aggressive and came down really heavy handed with people, yes I guess he was a bully and was quite obsessive about things. I felt absolutely no respect or loyalty to him and very discouraged and very despondent. I did not stay there very long because it was really de-motivating and tiring to feel so fearful of making any mistakes”.


Tina Donovan

I once had a boss who was very controlling and seemed to distrust everyone around her. She certainly had her own agenda and took credit for my work as her own when it suited her. The worse thing she ever did occurred when I asked to change from full time to part-time working for after having a baby.  Up until then I had had a completely free rein over how I allocated my time. Now suddenly she wanted to put in all this red tape to ensure that I worked my allotted hours. For me this was a complete breach of trust within our relationship.  How could I work for someone who did not trust me?
I challenged her about why she felt the need to do this, why it was that she did not trust me and how insulted I was by her behaviour. I pointed out how much more motivated I am and productive when I feel trusted by my boss. I asked her how we could move our relationship forward to give us what we both wanted.  Like with most bullies, when confronted she backed down. In fact after this meeting our relationship improved considerably.


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