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Tony Borkowski - Chartered Occupational Psychologist BA, MA, C.Psychol, AFBPsS

Tony Borkowski

Tony has worked closely with the Good Boss Company to help design, develop and validate the Good Boss Questionnaire (GBQ) and Questionnaire Self-Report (QSR) to the highest standards of the British Psychological Society.

"The Good Boss Questionnaire (GBQ) is a new and innovative tool for assessing the behaviour of anyone in a supervisory role, and the impact of their behaviour on staff."


Based on extensive field research, and a pragmatic behaviour-based approach, it looks at 14 key supervisory dimensions such as empowerment, self awareness, team orientation, communication, and assertiveness. It is reliable, valid, quick and easy to administer. A key feature is that staff, rather than the supervisor, provide the ratings of the boss's behaviour, although the supervisor also completes the GBQ themselves to get a self assessment. The responses are pulled together in the form of a simple profile chart, and a written expert report is also available. The resulting information provides direct and relevant feedback to the boss concerned, and highlights their strengths and development needs and also key differences between their own self-perception and that of their staff. An additional report is also available which indicates the relative risks of the supervisor not changing their behaviour, for example the relative likelihood of their staff working less hard, calling in sick, complaining to their colleagues, looking for another job or resigning altogether.

Apart from addressing the training needs of individual bosses, the tool can also be used to highlight group differences across teams, sections, departments and even regions, and so highlight group training needs.


1. Self perception - do bosses know themselves better than their staff?

"Know yourself" is one of the most common themes promoted by management trainers when
they go about trying to encourage people to grow, develop and change...

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2. Taking fake sick days

How many times have managers questioned their staff after one or more of them have taken
apparent fake sick days? Too often, many managers will tell you...

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3. How to retain your staff

Many of us will have heard the expression “The war for talent”. It was apparently first proposed by a management consultancy who came to recognise that with the global dissemination of business methodologies and technologies, the companies that would best cope with the demands of the future were those who won “The war for talent”...

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4. What does it take to praise your boss?

Managers stand at the critical interface between employees and organisations. Effective
manager-employee relationships create the environment whereby the aspirations of individual
employees can be connected to the strategic objectives of successful employers...

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5. Reward or punish - which gets the best out of staff?

Most managers who work in organisations regularly have to face the question of how to reinforce or extinguish the positive or negative behaviours that they see in their staff. Most of the time this is not a major issue...

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Managing your team in tough times
(By Andrea Gregory)

The current economic climate has caused chaos for many people. In the news we hear
much about redundancies, business failures, house repossessions, unhelpful banks –
the list is endless.

If we consider ourselves to be good people managers then we have to ask ourselves to
what extent should we get involved with the personal finances challenges of our staff?

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Tony has been working as a practising occupational psychologist for over 25 years; firstly in British Telecom where he was involved in management selection and the design of computer user training, and then for 11 years with SHL Group plc, where, as an Assistant Director, he worked in all areas of psychological test and questionnaire design, competency analysis, and the statistical validation of selection and other HR processes.  Tony left SHL in 1998 to work as an independent consultant and has continued to apply his expertise with a range of UK blue chip companies. Tony has extensive experience of delivering occupational psychology solutions to a wide range of industries, including banking, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retailing and pharmaceuticals. He holds both Level A and Level B Statements of Competence in Occupational Testing from the British Psychological Society and is registered with most leading test suppliers.  Tony has been a Chartered Occupational Psychologist since 1988 and is also a reviewer of psychometric materials for the British Psychological Society.

His particular specialist areas are...
assessment of applicants/individuals
  for jobs 
design of psychological  
  tests/questionnaires/interview guides
design of selection  
  methods/assessment centres
job and competency analysis 
analysis and validation of selection  
assessment of corporate
training design and implementation

Tony Borkowski is an associate
fellow of the British Psychological
The British Psychological Society



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