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Good Boss seeks to identify the most effective solution for each individual and organisation. Each element can be purchased individually or in packages. Contact us to discuss your precise requirements.

Some of the potential elements of a Good Boss development package include:


1. Good Boss Questionnaire (GBQ)
This is the leading Good Boss diagnostic tool which assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of a boss both in their own eyes and in those of their direct reports. It forms the primary basis for identifying individual and team development needs.

2. Questionnaire Self-Report (QSR)
Where it is neither desirable nor practical to have direct reports complete the GBQ, a boss can complete a self-report questionnaire (QSR). The results, when compared with others on the Good Boss database, lead to recommended Good Boss development activities.


3. GBQ+
Organisations are increasingly seeing significant and sustained improvements in performance as a result if 1 to 1 coaching. GBQ+ provides feedback and coaching for individual managers. This usually involves between 3 and 6 coaching sessions that focus on addressing specific areas of development and tackling any barriers to improvement. The series of coaching sessions concludes with a repeat of the GBQ to ensure that the manager’s new behaviours are embedded and to measure the impact on direct reports.

Suitable for:

  • Senior managers who prefer and benefit from the individual nature and complete confidentiality of 1 to 1 coaching

  • Companies who want to pilot the GBQ approach

  • Companies who have smaller numbers of managers or who wish to avoid the operational disruption that can in some circumstances be caused by releasing groups of managers for training

  • Companies that have implemented a management development programme but want to offer some support for new joiners who arrive after training programmes have been delivered

4. Co-coach
This involves the training of pairs or small groups of bosses to provide support to each other in developing their management capability. The small learning group are trained in the Good Boss principles together and given their GBQ feedback as part of a highly interactive learning session. Each manager develops his/her own action plan in collaboration with colleagues and commitments are made to challenge and support each other to improve in their chosen areas.

Suitable for:

  • Companies with smaller groups of managers or managers in a department or unit who would benefit from working together to improve

  • Companies who want to test the GB approach with a small group of managers

  • Companies who want to encourage follow up as part of a management development programme

  • Companies who wish to increase mutual co-operation between different groups or increase cross-functional co-operation


5. Out of a box
Seven high impact 2 hour training sessions, each of which focuses on one of the 7 elements of the Good Boss Model. These can either be delivered by Good Boss or by your company trainers who have been accreditated by Good Boss.

Suitable for

  • Companies who want to provide management training with flexible short sharp input sessions that can more easily be accommodated within a working day

  • Companies who want to sustain the focus on improving management over a period of time – sessions can be delivered over several weeks /months

  • Companies who wish to include elements of Good Boss training within an existing company training programme

6. Momentum
A campaign of email messages, thought provoking quotes, digital clips, cartoons, stories and other material focused on the 7 elements of the Good Boss Model. These are delivered at an agreed frequency by email to the manager’s desktop and are aimed at keeping development ongoing for a 10 to 12 month period.  This is best used after a coaching/ training programme which has included the GBQ.

Suitable for:

  • Companies who want to find low cost ways of keeping development activity alive once managers have completed their training

7. Good Boss workshops
1 or 2 day events containing interactive learning about how to be a better boss, designed to ensure positive and sustained change in behaviour.

Suitable for:

  • Companies who want to provide stimulating face to face training for managers.

  • Companies who want a choice of methods /length of training.

8. Team Talk
Team Talk is a highly effective means of maximising the benefit of Good Boss. It involves a facilitated meeting that enables the manager get a clear sense of their personal strengths and improvement areas directly from their team members. The facilitator ensures that the meeting is productive and that a small number of priority development areas are identified that the manager and the team use to deliver improved performance.

Suitable for:

  • Any team that would benefit from working together more effectively


9. Right Start
A graduate /supervisor programme which ensures that first time bosses or those who are destined to be bosses learn good practices from the outset of their managerial career.

Suitable for:

  • Relatively inexperienced managers or those who are aspiring managers

  • Companies that want to prepare people for management

10. Conference
Interactive sessions and presentations which deliver exciting and memorable learning opportunities about good people management.   

Suitable for:

  • Those companies who want to add something highly participative and different to their conference.

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