At last! A development tool focused specifically on developing better bosses!

Are bad bosses born or made? It is this question and many more that caused the Goodboss Company to be formed. The Goodboss Company is a campaigning consultancy group established to influence  the improvement of bosses' capability.

About Us

The Good Boss Company helps a wide range of organisations to improve their performance by focusing on the many benefits of developing their bosses. It was founded by Andrea Gregory and Lisa Smale. In reality most organisations have and need few real “leaders” but many “bosses” and yet much of the focus of management development and training has been primarily on leadership. Good Boss focuses its efforts on the huge impact that can be made by developing not just the leaders but bosses throughout the organisation to manage and motivate their people more effectively.


Research Insights

Examining the issue of bosses behaviour from a wide perspective is really important to us. Applying expertise from a range of different disciplines we believe is critical to unearthing the causes as well as applying the remedies to the symptoms of behaviour demonstrated by bad bosses. To give our work an additional dimension we work with an occupational psychologist, Tony Borkowski.

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Contact Us

Andrea Gregory

Andrea Gregory
Enabling people to give of their best in organisations has been Andrea's passion for the last 15 years working with a host of clients in the retail, media, leisure, manufacturing, Private Equity, E-commerce, travel, media, energy, and healthcare and not for profit sectors.

Lisa Smale Lisa Smale
Lisa has over 16 years experience in providing a broad based management development portfolio to Managers at all levels to organisations large and small.  She has held many corporate roles including Training and Development Director, and works as a coach at Board level.  In addition to the Good Boss Company, Lisa runs her own Training Consultancy Headfirst Associates and the Talent Pool.
More about Andrea...

Andrea believes that enabling people is the most effective way of improving the performance of organisations so that they consistently deliver business objectives. Inspired people, with a clear sense of what must be done can deliver extraordinary results. With an M.B.A. and significant experience of the essential HR disciplines Andrea achieves a healthy mix of innovation pragmatism.

Andrea offers significant expertise in all aspects of HR and People Development, whether it's putting in place a strategy for organisational change, Management development, Executive Assessment or Executive Coaching. She has refined the process of producing lasting behavioural change working primarily with those responsible for others - Senior Managers, Managers, Team Leaders in a host of development areas including the following:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Influencing
  • Negotiating
  • Communication
  • Culture Change

An NLP Master Practitioner, qualified to use a number of psychometric tests including the Firo B and Myers Briggs Type Indicator, she always offers practical support in a professional but relaxed way to help her clients deliver the best possible results.

Her clients include: AOL, Clinphone, Co-Op, HG Capital, IPC Media, Learning and Skills Council, Megabowl, My Travel, Siemens, Somerfield, STA Travel, Tesco, Transport For London, Viacom Outdoor, Virgin Holidays

Also experience in Energy, NHS, Housing Associations, Local Authorities.

More about Lisa...

Lisa is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She is a NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and is qualified to administer a range of Psychometric instruments including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator step I and II, FiroB, the Good Boss Questionnaire and the Emotional Intelligence Competency Inventory.

Her background within the highly competitive and dynamic retail industry ensures that the development activities she provides are both practical and realistic.  Her training has been shortlisted for a National Training Award and she has won the CATS award for training in the Tourism Industry.

Lisa uses her highly flexible approach to design and deliver innovative development solutions which are tailored to her clients needs. She is determined that her work with clients should make a practical and measurable difference to organisational performance of the clients she works with.

Lisa has found coaching to be the preferred development tool for many clients. She is an experienced and highly effective coach working with a wide range of clients at the most senior levels in organisations.

Lisa’s clients include Royal and Sun Alliance, Bath Spa University, The Serpentine Gallery, Gulliver’s Family Theme Park group, Somerfield Stores, The Science and Technologies Facilities Council, and CERN (Particle physics Institute in Geneva and originators of the World Wide web).  Current and recent Coaching clients include the Chief Executive of Bristol City Football Club, Managing Director of Gulliver’s Theme Park Group and the Managing Director of Mercedes Finance UK.

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