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The Good Boss Company improves individual and organisational performance by focusing on how bosses manage their employees. Our approach is very much results focused. Our research and recent experience have clearly demonstrated that one of the most effective ways to reduce costs and drive better performance in any organisation is to increase the effectiveness of bosses as managers of people.

A particular attraction of investment in this area is the “multiplier” effect that it generates: an investment in developing the management skills of bosses is also directly aimed at delivering improvement among all their direct reports.

Good bosses are dramatically more effective than bad ones. Harvard Business Review recently stated:  "Engaged employees are 3.5 times more effective than the baseline." Problems arise because most organisations and individual managers have very poor understanding of what a makes a good boss.

Research with over 1500 employees from a very wide range of organisations has enabled Good Boss to identify exactly which of the “boss behaviours” most motivate employees and lead them to perform significantly better than those with “bad” bosses.

This research showed dramatic differences in the behaviours of employees. Those with bad bosses, for instance, were 3 times more likely to leave the organisation (incurring substantial disruption, recruitment and training costs), and would take 4 times as many sick days. Good bosses on the other hand inspired much greater levels of loyalty and commitment leading to better individual and organisational performance.

The Good Boss Company has used its research findings to design a range of psychometric questionnaires and management development programmes
(Products and Services). These are now a core element in developing the management effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations.

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Nearly one in four of Britain's bosses are bad or dreadful.

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